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Do you need a dependable driver who can transport you to the airport or any other desired location on time? No need to worry anymore as 7 Star Car Services is here to save you the trouble. We are an airport shuttle service provider that offers a variety of transportation services. We serve clients in and around the Deland, FL area. If you want to know more about how we can help you, continue reading the page below:

Our Services

Airport Transportation Pickup and Drop-Off

Airport Transportation Pickup and Drop-Off
Do you have a flight to catch? Are there no cabs available for you at this moment? Just call us and a car will be there for you in no time. We offer a reliable airport shuttle service where you will be picked up from your current location and will be dropped off right at the airport most safely and conveniently. We promise that you won't be late for your flight and that you'll also have a safe journey to your home upon returning.

Local Transportation

Local Transportation
Most people dislike standing in line for a bus or attempting to obtain a cab and waiting longer than necessary. When traveling locally in such situations, a local transportation service that is available on demand may be quite helpful and save you a lot of time and money. If you want to avoid the chaos of your everyday routine, call our transportation specialists right now.

Long Distance Transportation

Long Distance Transportation
People usually prefer taking the train while traveling to a distant location. Although it's a convenient mode of transportation, especially when going to a location that is far off, it might be tiresome and may take up more of your time than expected. In such cases, it will be easy to call us for a long-distance transportation service and arrive at your destination full of energy.

Private Car with Driver Services

Private Car with Driver Services
If you need to rent a car and you just want to unwind and sit comfortably through your whole journey, call us immediately because we got the right solution for you. We offer a private car with driver services at the most affordable rates. All of our drivers are experienced enough to take you to your desired location safely and comfortably, and you can also pick what type of car will be suitable for you.


Excellent Airport Shuttle Service in Deland, FL!

Most of the time, travelers look for a suitable means of transportation that will allow them to relax comfortably throughout their whole trip. The issue arises when customers look for a dependable airport transportation service but are unable to do it in time, causing them to be late for their trip. This is why you ought to make an effort to get in touch with companies that offer transportation services, like us. We recognize how critical and crucial it is to reach the airport—or any other destination—safely, comfortably, and without delay.

Our Process

For Reliable Airport Transportation Service in Deland, FL, contact 7 Star Car Services!

Whenever you need an airport, local, or long-distance shuttle service, make an appointment with us over the phone. Our drivers at 7 Star Car Services will arrive at your location before the specified time and safely transport you to your destination without any hassle.

Call (386) 260-5758 and Reach the Long Distance Shuttle Service in Deland, FL!

7 Star Car Services offers airport shuttle services to clients who are located in and around the Deland, FL area. Call us right away and schedule an appointment.

If you are looking for Local Transportation Service, call (386) 260-5758!

Client’s Testimonial

by William M. on 7 Star Car Services
Very Fast and Reliable!

They saved the day! I was already behind my schedule and about to miss my flight. Luckily I found this airport transportation service provider and I was back on my schedule.

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Deland, FL 32720
Phone: (386) 260-5758

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